Earn 8.3% cash back on every debit purchase!

Don't let inflation eat away at your paycheck. Scratch is a debit card that pays you cash back equal to the current CPI inflation rate.

No credit checks. No interest. No gimmicks.

Fighting Inflation $1 at a Time

How it Works


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It only takes 1-minute to create a free Scratch account! You will receive a virtual debit card that you can use immediately after approval. Digitally fund your card from your paycheck or any bank account.


Spend Normally

Spend money like you normally would at any merchant, including grocery stores, restaurants, subscription sites, and pharmacies! Our card works anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.


Earn Scratch

At the end of every month, you receive cash back on your spending equal to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate! Price increases can have a neutral effect on your paycheck...thanks to Scratch!

What is Inflation?

inflation 101

Too Much Money Chasing Too Few Goods

You have seen the price of everything go up...up...up! Gas, eggs, milk, cars, real estate. Why? It is simple. There has been trillions of dollars printed by the U.S. government over the last few years, but there has not been an offsetting increase in the production of goods. This makes the price of everything go up!

The government measures yearly increases in prices with something called the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Historically CPI is 1%-3%, but this metric has shot up to 8.3% in 2022. The same goods that cost you $100 last year, now cost you $108.30 this year!

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